Make money through affiliate marketing

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Affiliate marketing has become a very popular way for businesses to get customers and, in a more questionable way, to allow ordinary people to make  money online.

There are examples of young people earning $ 5,000 a month in their spare time and others of adults who have earned hundreds of thousands of dollars this way.

Due to the increasing use of the Internet among the general population, more and more businesses have started using affiliate marketing (Evergreen Wealth Formula 2.0). The idea is simple: every time you bring a visitor to the business on his website, a sale, a completed form for their services, you are rewarded with a certain amount. What makes everything so easy is the fact that no direct contact with companies is necessary, since affiliate networks have hundreds of programs you can choose from. The concept is then relatively simple, and even the less good computer users can make money with affiliate marketing. Keep reading and learn how to make money online.

What is affiliate marketing?

In order to make money, you need to understand who are the actors to earn what you want: money!

  • You – in this case, you are called the affiliate
  • The firm -the who wants to show a product, sell or provide information
  • The affiliate network (not always present) – Gives you work, keeps track of your sales and leads
  • The consumer – The person who clicks on your ads, buys a product, or signs up for the service you promote


Business wants to sell a phone and therefore contacts Affiliate Network to find people to promote the product. Affiliate Network places an advertisement on the forum, saying that you earn a dollar each time you provide a visitor’s page, $ 35 when you generate a sale of a phone. YOU get the advertisement and place it on your blog, website or Facebook page. Consumer visits your blog – sees advertising – clicks on it ($ 1) – buys a phone ($ 35).

Types of Affiliate Programs

PPS (Pay per Sale)

About 80% of affiliate marketing is based on this, and the idea is that the company pays the user a negotiated amount of a certain percentage of sales generated by the affiliate.

Make money online with affiliate marketing

With a minimum of knowledge, you can now start as an affiliate. The key here is to be motivated and focused. Affiliate marketing can bring you a lot of money, so be focused pay.

Find an affiliate network

As already said, it is possible to contact a company directly and apply for an affiliate program. We do not recommend this except if you are an experienced affiliate. The smartest solution is to find an affiliate network. An Affiliate Network is an online marketing agency that allows companies to promote their website / store through affiliate partners (you). The network has amassed an extensive collection of advertisements from various companies, which you, as an affiliate partner, can use

We recommend that you sign up for one to five affiliate networks, so that you have a wide variety of advertisements, between which you choose. Membership is free and joining this network is very easy.

Consult the advertisements and find the right one

After registering as a user of one of the affiliate networks (Evergreen Wealth Formula 2.0), you will see a large number of options for the advertisements. There are three determining factors when you choose advertising.


Once you have selected the product or advertisement, your task, as an affiliate, is to create a website, blog or other, to promote the product. Here is a short description of some media:


Websites are probably one of the best known ways to promote affiliate products, and for good reason. A website has a host of possibilities, and the things you can do on a website are only limited by your predestination and abilities.